• Algorand is a blockchain platform designed to increase scalability, speed, and interoperability.
• Avorak is a project that combines blockchain technology and AI. It has a trustworthy management team and its native currency AVRK is currently priced at $0.27 during the Initial Coin Offering (ICO).
• Avorak has a revenue and burning system with 49% of all collected revenue allocated to AVRK holders, another 49% reinvested into the project for future innovation, and 2% burnt via deflationary mechanisms upon payment.

Algorand Blockchain Platform

Algorand is a blockchain platform designed to improve performance regarding transactional speed, scalability, and interoperability. The native currency is known as ALGO, which is considered a digital currency. Crypto enthusiasts suggest that the virtual asset will increase following the imminent bull run that faces the crypto industry. Nevertheless, the price currently might be low due to the winter season.

Avorak AI on the Verge of Massive Growth

For the blockchain community, most cryptocurrency projects emerge, last for some time, then get lost. Others may arise and die at their initial stages due to poor marketing strategies, inadequate funding, and poor management team. Avorak is a project that has a combination of blockchain technology and artificial intelligence. The platform has a well-established management team of three well-conversant individuals with decentralized finance and marketing. SolidProof and CyberScope have audited the project to authenticate its trustworthiness and transparency with their clients.

AVRK Price & Distribution

The platform’s native currency is AVRK which has a price of $0.27 during the current stage 8 of the initial coin offering (ICO). Additionally, each AVRK purchase made during the current ICO phase is eligible for a 3% bonus. The max supply of AVRK is 40 million and has been distributed to different allocations based on the whitepaper.. The platform also has a revenue and burning system where 49% of the revenue collected will be allocated to the AVRKS holders, another 49% will be reinvested back into Avorak for future innovations, technology, and improvements ,and finally ,the remaining 2% will be burnt via a deflationary mechanism upon payment .

Liquidity Pool & Allocation

Avorak’s token will be allocated to the participants alongside the locking and launch of

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